Welcome to another insightful episode of the Vibe Science Podcast! Ryan and Chris engage in a fascinating conversation with Jodi Scott, the visionary mind behind Green Goo. Join the discussion as Jodi unveils the origins of Green Goo, a brand committed to holistic skincare solutions rooted in the power of plants. Discover the journey that led to the creation of plant-based first aid remedies and explore the impact of cannabinoids and the psychedelic Renaissance on the world of alternative wellness. Tune in for an enlightening discussion on the potential of natural products, the challenges of the industry, and the profound benefits of a holistic approach to health.

Getting to Know Jodi and Green Goo
[00:36] Jodi discusses Green Goo’s evolution in the plant-based community, emphasizing their unique approach to plant-based first aid.Challenges and Innovations
[02:28] Green Goo triumphed over manufacturing challenges to maintain its unique extraction process, highlighting the importance of potent plant-based solutions without compromising ingredients. An inspiring anecdote features a father-turned-manufacturer motivated by his son’s positive experience with Green Goo products.The Shift in Perception of Plant-Based Products
[05:17] Exploring the historical shift to plant-based solutions and the industrial revolution’s introduction of harmful chemicals.Holistic Healthcare and Integrative Approaches
[08:34] Exploring the decline of plant-based remedies and advocating for healthcare re-education.Advancements in Skincare and Research
[15:16] Navigating the evolving connection between skincare and holistic health, highlighting telomeres and plant-based stem cell properties. Emphasizing the importance of research funding for validating plant-based solutions.Regulations and Natural Product Testing
[17:48] The conversation touches on the need for exploring natural products through testing, especially in the context of potential solutions for conditions like dementia and other health challenges.Terpenes, Entourage Effect, and Marketing Influence
[19:43] Chris highlights the significance of terpenes and the entourage effect in plant-based products, emphasizing the influence of marketing in shaping consumer preferences.Shift to Natural Products in Consumer Brands
[23:03] The hosts discuss the transition in consumer preferences towards natural products, citing examples of the changing landscape in deodorants and skincare.Veterans and PTSD Treatment
[27:12] Jodi shares experiences from a psychedelic PTSD treatment-resistant trial and the positive impact on veterans’ lives, emphasizing the holistic approach to health and wellness.Shamanic Approach to Health
[30:48] Jodi introduces the “Shaman” acronym, emphasizing sleep, hydration, antioxidants, mindfulness, avoidance of harmful substances, and nutrition for overall well-being.Green Goo Product Highlights
[34:14] The flagship Green Goo First Aid product is discussed, offering a versatile solution for cuts, scrapes, bug bites, and more. Jodi also highlights the Southern Butter line for sexual wellness.Eczema and Dry Skin Formula
[38:07] Jodi recommends the Green Goo Dry Skin formula for eczema, sharing its success in addressing chronic skin conditions and its usage in medical institutions.Consumer Impact and Reduced Dependency
[40:21] Jodi emphasizes how consistent use of Green Goo leads to reduced dependency over time, aligning with their mission to serve and benefit consumers.

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