In this thought-provoking episode of the Vibe Science Podcast, Chris and Ryan thoroughly explore the complexities of modern dating, relationships, and societal norms. Joined by special guest Elise Micheals, the trio engages in a candid conversation exploring age gaps, personal growth, and the evolving landscape of romance. With a unique blend of humor and insight, they navigate through the challenges men face in understanding their roles, expectations, and the importance of self-awareness in establishing meaningful connections. From dissecting dating norms to sharing personal experiences, this episode provides a refreshing take on the dynamics of relationships in the 21st century. Tune in for an entertaining and enlightening discussion that challenges conventional wisdom and sparks introspection on the journey to finding love in a fast-paced world.

Digital Nomad Life
[01:05] Elise embraced the digital nomad lifestyle at 23, working remotely for six years across 30 countries, discussing her transition out of this lifestyle.Trauma and Transformation
[03:50] Elise shares her journey of recognizing the impact of a dysfunctional family and inconsistent upbringing at age 25, leading to her pursuit of therapy and further studies to address trauma and relationships.Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) 
[05:53] Explanation of NLP and CBT in the context of changing perspectives and beliefsCoaching Men and Overcoming Barriers
[10:02] Initially hesitant to coach men and preferring to work with women, Elise had a change of heart upon recognizing the insufficient support available for men.Foundational Ways in Helping Men
[21:09] Addressing the emotional-logical gap, Elise emphasizes the importance of helping men understand and express their emotions, facilitating improved communication and connection in relationships.Identifying Behavioral Patterns
[25:30] Exploring clients’ relationships with their parents and childhood experiences helps identify behavioral patterns rooted in past trauma.Shifting Perspectives in Relationships
[30:31] Elise’s initial belief in a 50-50 approach changed as coaching successful men revealed their differing values regarding a woman’s financial independence.Critical Analysis of Podcasts
[42:44] “Some podcasts, such as ‘Fresh and Fit,’ employ a divisive and controversial approach that perpetuates negative stereotypes and fails to offer genuine solutions, emphasizing transactional relationships and devaluing women without depth or care.Age Gap in Relationships
[46:48] Exploring the complexities of age gaps in relationships, emphasizing emotional maturity and expressing concerns about targeting young, impressionable individuals.Cultural Backgrounds and Dating Norms
[47:43] Examining the impact of cultural backgrounds on dating norms, illustrated by contrasting experiences in small-town wisconsin and california.Men’s Perspectives
[48:41] Promoting diverse perspectives in relationship discussions and recognizing the societal influences on men’s behavior, advocating for positive change.Finding Purpose Beyond Sex
[49:10] Discussion on the societal emphasis on short-term lust and the speaker’s perspective on finding purpose and mission beyond superficial desires.Importance of Understanding Partner’s Goals
[49:40] Emphasizing the importance of understanding and supporting each other’s life goals and missions.Modern Dating Challenges
[50:05] Critique of modern dating norms, including the portrayal of wealth and materialism. The need for genuine connection and understanding in relationships.Creative and Thoughtful Dating Ideas
[50:32] Encouragement for more thoughtful and creative dating ideas beyond traditional norms.Communication Before Dates
[50:50]  Advocating for communication and getting to know someone before committing to a date.Balancing Time and Expectations
[51:17] Discussing the challenges of balancing a busy schedule with relationship expectations.Generosity and Respect in Relationships
[51:47] Elise’s perspective on generosity in relationships, both in time and material aspects.

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