Welcome to the Vibe Science Podcast! In this episode, your co-hosts Ryan and Chris dive into the fascinating world of golf with none other than Andy Proudman, a renowned PGA Golf Professional and the co-founder of “me and my golf.” Join us as we explore Andy’s journey from a passionate 13-year-old golfer to a successful entrepreneur, coach, and global influencer. Discover the unexpected twists and turns that led him to embrace YouTube and social media, the profound impact of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) on his coaching philosophy, and the unique wellness aspect he brings to the world of golf.

Get ready to tee off into a conversation that goes beyond the swing, delving into the mental game, managing expectations, and the evolving landscape of golf. This is an episode filled with valuable insights, personal growth stories, and a glimpse into the mind of a true legend. So grab your favorite beverage, and let’s get to know the man who’s helping golfers live like legends.

Andy’s Introduction to Golf and His Background
[00:56]  Andy shares his journey into golf, his passion since the age of 13, and his early interest in coaching.
 Transition to Coaching and Business
[02:54] Andy turns professional at 19, sets up an academy, and eventually starts me and my golf with his best friend.
 Embracing YouTube and Social Media
[03:49] After traveling the world in 2011, Andy and his friend commit to YouTube and social media, leading to unexpected success.
 Balancing Coaching and Business
[04:46] The journey of self-discovery and personal growth to transition from being a golf coach to running a successful business.
 The Wellness Aspect of Golf
[05:46] Discussing the mental and wellness aspects of coaching, impacting golfers beyond the technical skills.
 NLP Training and Its Impact
[06:34] The influence of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) on Andy’s coaching philosophy. Andy shares the impact of NLP, emphasizing the control individuals have over their patterns and state of mind.
 Controlling Inputs in Life
[09:57] The importance of being conscious about the inputs in life, from what is watched to who is listened to.
 Value of Andy’s Coaching
[11:21] – Ryan expresses admiration for the wellness aspect of Andy’s coaching, focusing on the mental side and positive impact.
 Andy’s Golf Philosophy
[11:47] Andy describes the philosophy of me and my golf, focusing on coaching the player, not just the golf swing.
 Golf Handicaps and Improvement
[15:07] Discussion about the importance of iron play for high handicappers and the impact of three-putting.
 Golf’s Expectations, Challenges, and Evolution
[16:05] The mental challenges in golf and the unique pressure players feel to perform at a professional level and exploration of the evolving landscape of the sport.
 The PGA Tour Controversies
[22:08] Andy’s decision to stay out of PGA Tour controversies, focusing on what he can control and contribute to.
 Live Like a Legend Podcast
[23:40] Andy talks about his personal podcast, “Live Like a Legend,” sharing personal growth stories and valuable insights.
 Social Media Style and Growth
[25:32] Andy discusses the approach to social media content, delivering value, capturing attention, and adapting to platform changes.
 Online vs. In-Person Coaching
[27:05] Andy’s coaching balance between online and in-person sessions, including coaching a PGA Tour professional.
 Personal Podcast and Growth
[28:39] Andy’s return to his podcast, sharing personal experiences and inviting guests who offer valuable insights.

Know more about Andy Proudman by following him on Instagram @andyproudman and his website https://shop.meandmygolf.com/.

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